Happy New Year

AnnaHawkfighter a posted Dec 31, 17  -  2017new yearpage theme

All around the world for the next 24 hours people will be breaking out the fireworks, sharing memories, laughing, crying, hugging, and yes, maybe getting a kiss from a special someone. The closing of 2017 is no different from any other day, yet as we stay up all night and watch the clock strike twelve in every time zone, we start not only a new day, but a new week, a new month and a new year. If you're not one of the people to stay up late, that's also fine. Maybe you'll celebrate the new year by having a special breakfast, or waking up to see the sun rise, or maybe the day will be no different than any other, and that's fine too.

What ever your plans are, we, the staff of Tiny, wish you all the best in this year. We hope 2018 treats you kindly, and in 365 days from now you can look back on positive memories, share laughs, and know that you've grown as a person.

We've updated our page theme for the new year, too! In case that had slipped your notice (unlikely though lol) We had a number to choose from, and this one was voted best for our server. It'll take a bit of getting use to, this is a much brighter theme than our last one, and we hope it'll make a positive change to our server as well, much like re-painting a room to give it a fresh look.

Stay positive, be charming, and never let anyone stop you from being yourself,
The whole Tiny SMP Staff Team,

NIN_8914 Happy New Year too to all members of Tiny for the past few years and to those that of the past being with us :) I came o...