Welcome to Tiny SMP 6!

Welcome to the world of Tiny. Tiny is a Semi-Vanilla server running on the 1.11.2 version of Minecraft. Tiny has been around for almost 3 years and is on its 6th Iteration. 

Tiny 6.0 is a great place to start out your Minecraft Multiplayer game life, to make friends, to learn tricks and tips from players of every stage, or just to kick back and explore! Even if you've been playing Minecraft for years, Tiny SMP is a great combination of Semi-Vanilla and all the right plugins.

If you're looking for a Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Server with Epic Biomes, friendly players and a human staff team (and all the fun that entails), look no further. We have Minigames and Keep Inventory on the Overworld, as well as Claim Protection, and a Spawn Protection Border with a No PVP Zone! We also run Competitions throughout the year from Builds to Exploring!


Liam_Green_Gamer I wish it was still Tiny 5